UK’s Cheapest way to get Photobooth PLI at just £29.99!


Need great value Photo Booth Public Liability Insurance? You’ve found it!

Photobooth Membership is an organisation and part of Mobile DJ Network and MDJN which offers assorted Member Benefits, including free Public Liability Insurance for Photobooth owners and operators

Photo Booth PLI Insurance

Mobile DJ Network has been at the forefront of PLI for DJs for over 7 years, with thousands of Members. Our block policy now covers Photobooths as well!

Membership gives you FREE PHOTO BOOTH PLI of £10m + FREE Employers Liability Insurance + Free Products Liability Insurance!

Membership is just £29.99 per year and gives you the Liability Insurance cover you need to run your Photo Booth business, but much cheaper than anyone else!

How do we do it so cheap? We have a block policy which covers all our DJs, Karaoke Hosts and Photobooth Operators, so by purchasing Membership you then get covered by this block policy for FREE. We have very low overheads and no big office building with a call centre. You can reach us when you need us, but all the information you need is right here on this website

Quick application form, go straight through to PayPal (using Paypal, Debit or Credit card), then come back and log in here to download your policy – INSTANTLY


Just £29.99 for the WHOLE YEAR of Public Liability Insurance for your Photobooth!


  • £10m Public Liability Insurance
  • £10m Employers Liability Insurance (not applicable for members in ROI)
  • £10m Products Liability Insurance
  • Free Web Hosting with Email to provide a professional web presence
  • Free Photo Booth Listings for more exposure in addition to your own Website
  • Direct links to your own website (great for SEO!)
  • Direct client enquires to your contact details – no filtering by us, no sending enquiries to hundreds of Photo Booth Operators
  • Retailer Discounts

How do we offer Free Photobooth Public Liability Insurance and the other benefits?

  • We have automated the application and renewal process to cut our administration and therefore overheads.
  • We have negotiated a competitive deal due to our large member base.

Your policy is available to download from this website as soon as you’ve paid, literally seconds after you click PAY NOW at Paypal, you come back to this website to download your personal policy documents, it’s that easy to get cheap Photo Booth Insurance !

This is ideal for those last minute enquiries that require the Photobooth to have Public Liability Insurance, you can sign-up at any time of day and receive the PLI Document instantly!!