Need a good Photobooth for your event?

Booking a Photobooth is not something many people need to do very often

It may even be your first time, so we hope you’ll find Photobooth Directory useful in finding a good Photobooth

We also offer advice and contacts that will ensure you get a professional Photobooth Operator who will help you have a great party, whatever the occasion

Photobooth Directory gives you a Directory of Photobooths across the UK & Ireland, tips on booking one and a guide to pricing


How do I choose?

Don’t be persuaded into spending more than you need to on a Photobooth, but do spend wisely on a professional Photobooth Operator who will provide exactly what you need.
It really is a mistake to go with the cheapest Photobooth, there is a reason they are cheap and it’s unlikely to be that they do it for fun/ love/ because you sound nice…

It’s much more likely that a cheap Photobooth will disappoint you on your special event, so bear in mind what your real priorities are, and what your guests will really enjoy and what you will all take away from the day. With a Professional Photobooth, hopefully many happy memories!

Your event is important to you and important to us, let us help you find a professional Photobooth Operator who will give you and your guests lasting memories of a great celebration

It’s much more than having someone….JUST take pictures!