Member Benefits

Membership of PhotoboothMembership is just £39.99 and gives you all these Member Benefits

£10m Public Liability Insurance (PLI)

It’s the main reason Photobooth Owners join us, although we do have many other Member Benefits below. Our £10m PLI is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance and others, ensuring you have the best PLI cover available. We have had a few claims and they’ve all been settled to the satisfaction of all parties. There’s no catch, it’s just Photobooth Public Liability Insurance that’s cheaper to get than anywhere else!

You get a personal Photobooth Policy Document to produce to venues and clients, our Full Policy Document can bee seen and download HERE

£10m Employers Liability Insurance
This is included free of charge to paid Members. Photobooth ELI covers anyone who works for you against injury, whether they are full or part time, paid or unpaid. many organisations don’t give you this, but we think it’s important, just in case someone helping you has an accident while assisting you, and then decides to claim compensation for their injury. By having Photobooth ELI you don’t need to worry about that!

A copy of the full Employers Liability Insurance is HERE if you ever need it

£10m Products Liability Insurance
This aspect of the free Policy you get as a paid Member is what covers failures in your equipment which then causes an accident or incident leading to a claim.
Dry Hire Cover
One really useful aspect of the Policy you get free with Paid Membership of PhotoboothMembership is the Dry Hire cover. This means that equipment you own and set up and then leave onsite is covered in case it cause an accident or incident leading to a claim. Typically this might include a Photobooth left ready to start up later, that kind of thing
Legal Costs Cover
It’s reassuring to know that with the Policy that’s free with your paid Membership will also pay for legal costs of defending any claim made against you. Solicitors fees can be really high, so having these covered is one less thing to worry about when running your Photobooth business
Instant Cover
Sometimes you may need PLI in a hurry, whether you’ve forgotten to renew or this is your first time getting it. Imagine Turing up at a venue and before you’re even allowed to set up, the Manager insist on seeing your Photobooth PLI, scary! Well with PhotoboothMembership it’s a very quick application and payment which in total should take no more than 3 minutes, your policy is then instantly available online. Then just login to your Dashboard and download your policy or send the venue a link. You could even show the Manager on your phone, it’s that easy!
Web Hosting & Emails
As a free Member Benefit, PhotoboothMembership will host your website for you, up to 500mb (plenty for the vast majority of sites). We can install WordPress or Joomla for you, or you can code and design it from scratch. Unlike some hosting platforms, we don’t hide your site behind ours, it stands on it’s own and we don’t sneak adverts for us or anyone else into it. All we ask is that it should contain subject matter about your business and does not contain illegal or offensive material or link to that kind of thing.

We don’t register or sell domains, you need to go to someone like 123-reg where you can quickly and easily register the domain of your choice (if someone else doesn’t already own it!)

We also give you up to 5 email addresses at your domain, each will have a limit of 250mb which again is plenty for most people

If you would like us to host your website, we need the following information to set it up for you:

Your Business Name

Your Full Name

Your Domain Name

Email Addresses you would like (ie, you can have up to 5

Whether you need us to install WordPress or Joomla or just give you FTP access

Please email ALL these details to and leave it with us for a few days. We then email you with the settings and passwords

News & Newsletters
We like to help keep you up to date with industry news and any special offers and discounts we secure for you. We also keep a calendar of industry events you may like to attend.


In addition to this information being on our website, we regularly publish to Apple News Apple News so you can always have the latest information on your iPhone or iPad.

We also send out a monthly Newsletter by email to all Members, this will have plenty to read when you have a spare moment and links to more detailed articles and offers

Discounts and special offers
We often have general and Member Only deals and discounts from your favourite Retailers and Suppliers, these will be published in our Monthly Newsletters as well as being on this website
Document Library
We aim to have the most comprehensive library of documents relevant to our industry. Whether it’s a new lighting fixture, item of sound equipment or a flash gun, sometimes tracking down the manual can be a nightmare. We grab them and keep them all in one place for you, so they’re easy to find and available to you 24/7 in case you need one at a gig
PAT Tester Directory
Wherever you live in the UK there’s bound to be a PAT tester quite near you, in fact probably several! Our Directory gives you quick and easy access to their details, opening hours, pricing and contact information

This way you can ensure your equipment is always safe for you to use and safe on a gig with the public!

Direct Client Enquiries
Looking to get a little more work? There are many listings sites on the web, some good and some total rip offs. Most will hide your details from the public, and when they get a client enquiry they will pass it out to dozens or even hundreds of your competitors. Often meaning the person submitting the lowest quote gets the gig. This might work for you, or you may prefer to be able to present your profile in a stylish way, to targeted clients and get enquiries come direct to you…  This is what we do!

When you next go to your Dashboard, have a look at your Membership. When you edit it you’ll see lots of fields you can complete in order to tell clients more about what you offer. You can upload your logo, pictures, write a full description, tick boxes to show what options your offer, clients can then search for Members near them or their venue and filter on what’s important to them. We present your details (if you added a description longer than 150 characters and uploaded at least one picture) on websites specific to your type of business and your style, so the clients going there are looking for your type of business already.

In addition to the free listings we give you as part of your Membership, you can also target clients by creating another Listing at another post code. You may have a regular venue or area you like, which is nowhere near your base. Just create a new Listing and enter a postcode of your choice, your Listing will then be displayed to clients searching in that area. This means you can also target specific markets with multiple Listings, whether that’s Weddings, Kids parties etc. A Listing costs much less than full Membership and doesn’t include all our benefits, but could be a real sales asset for your business at minimal cost!