FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Who or What is Photobooth Membership?

Photobooth Membership is a network of Photobooth Owners and Operators who share a common interest in raising their profile and professionalism, through gaining affordable PLI and networking, while gaining more work through our free Photobooth listing services.

Becoming a member of Photobooth Membership gives you free Photobooth PLI as a member benefit, along with other benefits as detailed

When do I get my policy documents?

Once you’ve applied and paid, your policy is INSTANTLY processed automatically, and therefore available to download or link to straight away from your Dashboard!

Once you’ve paid, just come back to PhotoboothMembership.co.uk, login and go to your Dashboard and there’s your policy !  We do not email or post your policy

How long does my Membership/ policy last?

Membership is for one full year from the date you pay, and includes PLI & ELI throughout

Can I get cover for one day?

Yes you can, but not through us AND you will pay far more than £39.99!  So the answer is to take out our Membership with built in PLI, which covers you for that one day AND the other 364 in the year!

Can I pay with a credit or debit card?

Yes you can, choose from Paypal where you can use an existing Paypal Account or use a Credit/Debit card as a guests. Or use Stripe with a Credit or Debit card. Payments then automatically activate your Membership and insurance.

Can I pay over the phone?

Sorry, we have no facility to take card payments as this would increase our overheads and then your Membership costs.  Paypal and Stripe will not charge you for using their service, they charge us instead. It’s very secure and we do not see or keep any of your financial details

Does it cover my company/ business partner?

The Membership and therefore Insurance covers ONE person. If you and a partner work together then you only need one Membership/ Policy, if you work at different gigs, then you will need two Memberships/ Policies. The same applies to Companies, Agents, Multi-Ops etc. You will need one Membership/ Policy for each Photobooth Operator, although you can have the same contact details and logo’s across multiple Memberships/ Policies, just contact us for the correct procedure to do this and we’ll be happy to help you

There is no restriction on being a Limited Company

If you have more than one Photobooth there are both covered

Does it cover all types of Photobooth?

Yes it does! We have Members with regular photobooths, Selfie Mirrors of various types and even one with a caravan they converted to a Photobooth!

Is this proper Public Liability Insurance?

Yes! The policy covers you for £10 million, includes Employers Liability Insurance and cover for Dry Hire of equipment and is exactly the same type of policy as others are offering, but cheaper!

Who is the underwriter of the PLI?

The broker is Hencilla Canworth, the agent that brokers many entertainer policies.

The Insurers are Argo Direct and Covea Insurance plc.

Why is it so cheap?

Having automated our system to reduce overheads, and having negotiated a great rate per member, we are able to keep our costs down and pass these savings on through cheaper membership fees.

We don’t have a big call centre or office building, just a comprehensive network of websites set to make it easy to apply and get Membership & PLI, and a tiny Admin team to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Why are you doing this ? We recognised that many Photobooth owners both want and need Public Liability Insurance to work at an increasing amount of venues. As Photobooth owners ourselves, we looked for a value for money policy which didn’t involve higher costs for things we didn’t feel we wanted

Can we contact you to ask questions?

As we mentioned above, in order to reduce the cost of membership for you, our overheads are kept to a minimum wherever possible.

Our contact telephone number is on this website, but is hard to find deliberately! If we take endless calls answering questions that are already answered on this website, then our costs go up, and so will your membership fee!

We therefore strongly encourage you to look for the answers to any questions you may have here and within the policy document. And if you STILL can’t find the answer, then do email us, and we will reply within 24 hours – admin@mobiledjnetwork.co.uk

Are there exclusions in the policy?

Yes, just as you would expect with any type of insurance (Car, House, Pet etc.), ours is the same as other PLI policies, and these exclusions are clearly explained within the policy document, do have a read!

Is there an Excess ? Yes, it’s £500 for property damage

If another member makes a claim, am I affected?

No, each member is equally covered individually for £10m for each and every claim while a member. Although this a is a block policy covering all our members, the policy applies to you and covers you as a named member/ individual, as though you had your own individual policy

Can I get a refund if I don’t want it anymore?

We hate saying no, but… Sorry, but that’s a no. Because it’s insurance based and linked, and an annual policy, no refund is possible