Member Benefits – Client Enquiries

MEMBER BENEFITS – Direct Client Enquiries

Membership of Mobile Photo Booth Network is just £39.99 and clients needing a Photo Booth contact you direct !

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You can add many details to your application, either when you first apply, or at a later date just by logging in

 These are then presented to potential clients looking for a Photo Booth, and are seperated into areas. Clients select an area, and can then view several pages of brief descriptions of our members. Whe they see one they like, they click on your link and are shown a mini website which we create for you, which has a description of the services you offer, description of your show and what you do, as well as a selection of pictures and your business logo.  There’s a google map showing where you are based, they can also view and verify your PLI

The most important aspect perhaps, is that when clients need a Photo Booth, they are given a choice of all our Photo Booths, in a random order. We do not force anyone to the top or bottom of the listing. We also don’t filter incoming enquiries to pass to our friends or favourite Photo Booths, all enquiries made by clients come direct to you, via your phone number, email address, QR code or direct link to your website

 The downside of this is that we cannot guage who or how many enquiries come through our site, especially when the client will probably click on the link to your own website, at which point we lose track of them completely. However many Photo Booth Operators have told us they get regular enquiries through us, and more hits on their website since joining us !