Member Benefits – Instant Cover


Membership of Mobile DJ Network is just £39.99 and you are covered the instant you complete payment !

Apply Now!

Once you’ve completed the easy application for, you’ll be taken to a Paypal link screen, there you can check the amount is correct, then click the Paypal button

On the opening Paypla page, you choose between paying using an existing Paypal account, or using a Debit or Credit card (in small print, but it’s there !)

Once your payment is complete, come straight back to our website, login and click GET MY POLICY and it’s there for you straight away

You can then download it, print it, or do like most of us, and copy the address line from your browser, which you then email direct to clients or venues who need to see your policy. It’s always available online for you or them to view and verify, 24/7

You can also use that address to create a link on your website, where clients can instantly see you are covered. We’ve made this even easier for you though, with our validation links which you’ll have access to once you are a logged in member