Member Benefits – Public Liability Insurance

MEMBER BENEFITS – Public Liability Insurance

Membership of Mobile DJ Network is just £39.99 including £10m Photo Booth Public Liability Insurance !

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Within your membership you get Public Liability Insurance (PLI) which is specific to Photo Booths, to the value of £10 million, making us the most competitive provider of Public Liability Insurance for Photo Booths. One very short form, press the pay now button, and you’re covered, instantly!

The Broker and Underwriter are industry standard names, this is exactly the same policy as leading DJ Associations in the UK have offered for over 5 years, and now ours covers Photo Booths as well, so why pay more ?

 You can easily download your PLI policy in PDF form as soon as your membership is approved (within seconds of completing your PayPal payment), direct from your details page, which you can email to clients or venues, or carry to gigs and present to venues. Your policy will remain on your details page for the length of your membership, so if you forget to take it to a gig, using the PLI Validator code you put on your website, click the link and they will be presented with your full PLI & ELI details!

Public Liability Insurance covers you against 3rd party claims on you in case of an accident, causing damage or injury. With an increasing claims culture in the UK, it makes sense to make sure you have insurance to cover yourself against any claims. Many venues are now insisting on sub contractors having PLI to allow them to perform, this reduces their insurance premiums, and avoids any claims on the venue

While we at Mobile DJ Network will always advocate Photo Booths having regular Portable Appliance Testing, it is not strictly a requirement of the Public Liability Insurance. You are responsible however for ensuring your equipment is safe so use, but hopefully this is something you do anyway

There are very few exclusions in the Public Liability Insurance policy, however we encourage you to read the policy yourself, to ensure that it’s right for you. Mobile DJ Network are not authorised to sell or advise on insurance matters, we just provide you with access to our block £10m Public Liability Insurance policy FREE within your paid membership.

Also relevant to the PLI we give you, is the Employers Liability Insurance we include free. Full details can be found by clicking HERE

Products Liability Insurance is also built in, and it’s details are HERE

So even if you only need £10m Photo Booth PLI then for just £39.99 you’re covered !

Sign up today, be part of it, get involved and get the most out of the Mobile DJ Network for your Photo Booth