Member Benefits – Website Hosting

MEMBER BENEFITS – Website Hosting

Membership of Mobile DJ Network is just £39.99 including FREE Web Hosting !

Apply Now!

Members of Mobile DJ Network qualify for free web hosting with us. This gives you 500mb of storage for your content, which is plenty for the vast majority of websites. Any larger and your clients will be waiting forever to view the contents !

You also get 5 free email addresses @ your chosen domain, which will look much more professional than a hotmail, googlemail address etc.

Neither the hosting we give you or the email accounts will contain any adverts or links from us or third parties. They are yours to create and manage as you wish.

The only requirement for having your website with us, is that it must be Photo Booth related, and not contain links to, or promote any illegal activity (ie illegal file sharing)

To apply for free web hosting with Mobile DJ Network, simply purchase a domain (from someone like 123-reg or similar) then email us the following information

    1. – Your MDJN Photo Booth Business name
    2. – The domain name you want to transfer (we do not sell domains, you need to obtain this yourself)
    3. – Email addresses you want (up to 5)
    4. – Whether you want us to install Joomla or WordPress.  It’s a free option, or you can just have a blank space to install or code yourself !

Please send this information to

We will then set this up for you within 7 days, and email you the FTP and email details, along with the nameserver details you will need in order to complete the transfer (can take up to 24 hours for your website to show up)

I’m afraid we don’t offer web design or SEO services, or advise on which software is best. There are thousands of online tutorials you can research, there are thousands of web designers who can design and manage your site for you.  Or you could give it a go yourself, and join one of hundreds of web design forums for help.  

If managing your own website is a bit daunting, then do remember that within the details section of your listing here at Mobile DJ Network, you can give a lengthy description of yourself, and publish up to 5 photo’s of you and your show.
The full description and photo’s are free, and easy to change whenever you like. This may be a good starting point for you !

When you are ready to go ahead, contact us and we will set up your very own web hosting FREE !